Saturday, 21 April 2018

JDA 90A landuse conversion application process (agriculture to commercial): Only application process._ commercial conversion process jda

Only Application Process for 90A conversion at JDA: Non commercial to commercial land use conversion at Jaipur Development Authority.

1.      Get the details of land i.e. Khasra No., Revenue village etc.
2.      Check the status in Master plan from DC office of respective zone. Weather it is convertible or not.
3.      If it is conversable then start working with preparation of application form.
4.      Buy the application form from Citizen Care centre and start proceeding for the check list documents.
5.      Get a idea of application by having a glance of any previously applied file if possible.
6.      Purchase the stamp papers and get that notary attested.
7.      Contact to a surveyor and ask him to prepare the Point no. 9 to 14 of checklist. He will charge around 7 to 15k for that.
8.      Arrange Jamabandi, Mishel Bandobast, Ekikaran, Milan Kshetrafal from Tehsil and Collectorate/Settlement.
9.      Get the revenue map from Patwari.
10.  Prepare the ID proofs and photographs.
11.  Arrange these documents in checklist order and prepare self attested 4 files (one original 3 copies).
12.  Now the application process will start as below:
i)        Put the file to the CCC incharge (DC Zone 1) for marking. The presence of applicant is mandatory. He will mark it to ATP/Accountant/Tehsildar.
ii)      Then Go to ATP, he will mark the comment on master plan land use of your plot.
iii) Then take file to Tehsildar he will mark his signature.
iv)    Take the file to accountant he will mark the money which is to be deposited.
v)      Then take it to computer operator he will take file to server room for enrollment and then generate the challan for the money deposit.
vi)    Then deposit the money to bank with challan by cheque/dd.
vii)  After 3 days of clearing the challan status will be updated in RCR of JDA. And after that only you can proceed for pusthi/confirmation of payment.
viii)      For this confirmation again you had to go to computer operator he will give you a print of confirmation slip.
ix)    Take that confirmation slip to accountant again he will write on the file that the money has been received.
x)      After that again put the file to CCC incharge (DC Zone 1) for marking.
xi)    Then take file to CCC Counselor he will mark it to the submission counter.
xii)  Then submit the file in all four copies to the counter and take the receipt of the same with closing statement that now come after two months.
xiii)      Now finally your file is submitted for the 90A conversion.

Check List of Application Form:
1.      90 A application form (100/-)
2.      Self declaration form
3.      200/- stamp paper indemnity form.
4.      50/- stamp paper affidavit.
5.      Mishel Bandobast, Ekikaran, Milan Kshetrafal.
6.      Latest Jamabandi and naksha Trace/Patwari map.
7.      Photographs- 5
8.      Applicant ID proofs.
9.      P.T. Survey with location man.
10.  Demarcation map of respective proposed land.
11.  Master Plan 2025 mapping.
12.  Master Plan 2011 mapping.
13.  Sector plan mapping.
14.  Google Map surveying with coordinates.

People involved in, whome you need to approach:
1.      Surveyer
2.      Tehsil, Patwari, settlement.
3.      CCC incharge (DC Zone 1) for marking, counselor.
4.      DC of respective zone.

5.      ATP, Tehsildar, accountant and Computer operator of the respective zone.